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SUPERFICIAL-Pink Aging HL [Hair Loss]

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SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging HL [Hair Loss] presents direct delivery of 56+ kinds of nutritious ingredients for scalp condition integrating our minimally invasive yet highly effective innovative 32G hypodermic multi-needle technology, TurtlePin lll. (15 times greater absorption rate than MTS devices with less pain)

SUPERFICIAL Pink Aging HL rescues and prevents hair loss by nourishing the scalp condition and promoting hair growth.

Recommended as a complementary in-clinic or home-care program.


  • SUPERFICIAL-Pink Aging HL 5mL (0.17 oz) x 4 ea
  • SUPERFICIAL Multi-needles 19needles (0.5 mm) 4ea x 2 set (8ea)


  • The Pink HL Reference : Video
  • The Pink HL Procedure Guideline : Video
  • More details can be found on the website


  • Biotin
  • Growth factors & Adenosine A2 receptors
  • Sodium DNA (PDRN)
  • Hyaluronic acids
  • 10 kinds of vitamin complex
  • 14 kinds of amino-acid
  • 17 kinds of peptide complex


  • Biotin promotes a production of keratin and enhances the growth of follicle.
  • Growth factors & Adenosine A2 receptors help facilitate a faster recovery of the regeneration cycle.
  • Vitamin C enhances the absorption of Ions allowing healthier and stronger hair growth.
  • Hyaluronic Acids moisturize and nourish the scalp condition providing a fundamental environment for hair cell proliferation.