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EP+DERM Plus Post-procedure GEL

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EP+DERM Plus Post-procedure GEL is a post-procedure cream that rapidly recovers damaged skin after dermatological procedures, containing Centella asiatica extract, Snail secretion filtrate, EGF as its main ingredients for powerful healing effect.

It is recommended to be used together with EP+DERM Plus Post-Procedure Mask for even greater healing effect.

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  • Snail secretion filtrate helps recover collagen and elastic fiber. It functions as a powerful natural antioxidant thus it minimizes further causes of scar followed by dermatological treatments.
  • Centella asiatica extract recover infections by increasing the oxide concentration of damaged area and thus, increasing supply of blood. It helps with collagen synthesis, which plays a significant role in skin regeneration of wounds.
  • EGF is a factor that accelerates the growth of epithelial cells. EGF does so by transmitting a signal through EGF receptor on the cell membrane, which then induces split of cells.
  • Allantoin has an instant soothing effect for red spots after laser treatments.


  • Laser procedure
  • Acne extraction
  • Peeling procedure
  • Meso- therapy
  • Dermatological procedures
  • UV  exposure


  • Apply it after procedure and during treatment period. 
  • Apply it twice a day.
  • Keep the product in a refrigerator for better effects.
  • Apply a thin layer of gel and gently rub it on treated area
  • You can put the make-up on after use.


  • 15g (0.52 oz.)
  • 70g (2.46 oz.)