Q. Is TurtlePin FDA certified? 

A. Yes, TurtlePin is FDA, CE certified. 


Q. Can I use TurtlePin multiple times?

A. No, it is for single-use only. 


Q. Is TurtlePin compatible with normal syringes?

A. Yes, TurtlePin is made with a convenient luer-lock system, therefore universally compatible with all types of syringes or our airless pump. 


Q. What is the difference between TurtlePin and other multi-needle devices on the market?

A. What truly distinguishes TurtlePin from other conventional multi-needle devices is the unique, innovative design of its needles. TurtlePin incorporates high-quality 32G hypodermic needles, which reduces pain and risk of injury while allowing for enhanced permeability. 

In a clinical study conducted, TurtlePin showed 15 times higher penetration rate than conventional MTS devices.

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