Universal Compatibility

Did you now TURTLEPIN is universally compatible with ALL types of syringes?

It's all thanks to its convenient luer-lock system!

Luer-lock allows for a safe, leak-free & universal application!

8th August 2023

TURTLEPIN Needle Design

Let's talk about the innovative needle design of TURTLEPIN!

How is TURTLEPIN's needle any different from other conventional multi-needles? 

Why is TURTLEPIN more effective yet less painful than other needles? 

14th July 2023


Let's discuss some frequently asked questions about TURTLEPIN!

FAQ 1. Is TURTLEPIN CE-certified?

FAQ 2. Which needles are compatible with airless pump?

26th May 2023


TURTLEPIN | RIBESKIN MED are pleased to announce our participation at the upcoming AMWC 2023 in Monaco.

Date: 30th March - 1st April 2023
Hall Diaghilev, Booth E0

Contact us to book an appointment on-site!

10th February 2023

32G Hypodermic Multi-needles

Meet TURTLEPIN by JM Biotech. 

32G Hypodermic Multi-needles for various types of dermatological procedures.

Available in wide variety of needle types. 

5th FEBRUARY 2023

How to Choose Needle Types

TURTLEPIN is Available in 2 Lines
- Superficial Stimulator Line (0.5mm/1mm)

- Perpendicular Injector Line (2mm/3mm)

Read more to learn how to choose the appropriate needle type for your procedure.

08 July 2022